Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kettlebell Swings and Margaritas

And, we're back! Thank you to all who took the time to fill out our survey, it has been very helpful! Based on feedback we have received as well as our own abilities to manage our blog, we have decided to change the format a bit. We will be posting once a week and cataloging everything in the "Important Posts" section to the left. Our weekly posts will include various information from exercises to focus on for that week, to recipes to try, to advice about primal living, to videos. Please leave comments if you feel inspired to do so!!

Exercises of the week:
Kettlebell Swing-

-Start in a partial squat with a tight grip on the KB
-Engage your core muscles and keep your chest and eyes up
-Explosively and fully extend your hips and knees as you simultaneously swing the KB to just above head height
-Bring the KB back down and allow it to swing between your legs before you repeat the upward motion
*This can also be done with a dumbbell
*Men use 35-55 lbs
*Women use 20-45 lbs

Hanging Leg-Lift-

-Hang from a bar with hands shoulder width apart in a pronated, pinkies out grip
-Lift straight legs to 90 degrees or toes to bar
-Modify it by bending your knees and lifting knees to chest
-Maintain a tight core and control your decent to prevent swinging


-Start lying on your back on the floor
-Place hands next to head, fingers pointed to shoulders and palms on floor
-With feet and palms flat, press into the floor and lift hips, arch back, and let head and neck relax -Modify this by only doing the lower body portion, keeping shoulders, neck, and head on the floor

Recipe of the week:

The NorCal Margarita- (thanks to Robb Wolf of CrossFit NorCal for sharing his secret recipe with us back in June)
1 tall shot of tequila (we encourage above bottom shelf tequila!)
Juice and pulp of 1/2 lime (squeeze the crap out of that lime and rake the pulp out with a fork)
Soda water (fill to taste)

NEWS: We will be celebrating our summer full of early morning Ninja training this Thursday at 6:30pm at Virgo & Pisces in NW Portland. They have a killer happy hour that goes until closing time, and they have a gluten-free menu! All are welcome!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thanks for your patience while we generate ideas
for improving our blog!
We will be posting regularly with in a week, in the meantime-
Check out this cool video from Parkour Generations!