Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life is a Playground

Life is a playground. Sometimes you fall down and get hurt but most of the time you should be feeling joy and having a lot of fun. Ring Rows, decline push-ups, medicine ball lunges and run. Repeat for 3 rounds. Now that's a recipe for starting the day out right!

Also, check out this link to see an example of our DREAM GYM. It's an all season, all-ages indoor playground! Tempest Academy is located in L.A. but we'd like to one day see something like this in the Pacific Northwest. We are now taking donations in support of this project :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Ideas for Physical Training

As part of our own exercise programming, Laney and I have been working out with long-time physical therapist and good friend Ben Musholt. It's been really fun getting stronger and trying all of the crazy workouts Ben has come up with.

Ben has spent the last few years developing an exercise website called BPMRx specialized in providing top-notch illustrated printouts of exercises. Go to his website and look closely, you may even see a familiar face or two in some of the pictures (hint- hint). While his website is designed for professional therapists and trainers, it has also become popular among individuals seeking fresh ideas for their own workouts. BPMRx's image library is filled with over 800 cutting-edge movements from gymnastics, martial arts, kettlebell training, yoga, and more. These printouts are easily customizable for your personal workouts or sharing them with friends.

To check out Ben's website now, BPMRx go to: