Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paleo is easy AND delicious

Who says you can't have vegetables for breakfast? Not us! One fantastic way to enjoy brussel sprouts is to ADD BACON. Duh. Bacon makes anything better! I personally like brussel sprouts by themselves, but here is a tasty little dish I whipped up for breakfast this morning. (Sorry, no measurements here- intuitive cooking!)

~Grab about 5 slices of good quality bacon and cut it up into small chunks
~Toss the bacon into a pan (cast iron is always best) on low-medium heat
~Cook the bacon until it is done but not overdone
~While the bacon is cooking, cut up a bunch of brussel sprouts (about 4 slices each)
~(If there is A LOT of grease once the bacon is done, pour some out, but make sure there is enough to cook the veggies in)
~Toss in the brussel sprouts and stir-fry (cover and stir occasionally)
~While the brussel sprouts are cooking, grab some dried figs and chop them up, make sure you get rid of the stems, then toss them in with the bacon and brussel sprouts
~Stir-fry and cover until the brussel sprouts are tender, but not soggy!
~Optional add ins: purple cabbage, onion, garlic, whatever you want
~No need for salt or seasoning here, the bacon does the job :)

I had mine with an egg on top:


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